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Using IBM API Connect and Node Red with Cloudant

Posted by in API Connect, Bluemix, Cloudant, Node Red

In this video I show you how to build an API using IBM API Connect where Node Red is use to create the internal implementation of the API. The Node Red flow then connects to a Cloudant database map reduce view.

How to Call OpenWhisk Actions from Node Red

Posted by in Bluemix, Node Red, OpenWhisk

This post is to help you get started with calling your OpenWhisk actions from Node Red on IBM Bluemix. I will explain how you can quickly invoke your action using OpenWhisk’s RESTful API from a Node Red flow using the HTTP Request Node. To get started you need to define your action using the wsk…

Calling the Globalization Pipeline Service from Node Red on IBM Bluemix

Posted by in Bluemix, Globalization, Node Red

In this post I will show you how to quickly globalize an API in Node Red that needs to return messages in more than one language. This is really easy to do when you use the Globalization Pipeline Service on IBM Bluemix. In our example we are going to create an API that returns a…

The No Code API with Cloudant, Node Red, and IBM API Management

Posted by in Bluemix, Cloudant, IBM API Management, Node Red

This blog post is to show you how quickly you can build a secure API on IBM Bluemix using Node Red and IBM API Management that lets you connect to a Cloudant database to access a view. The great part about this is that we are going to do this with almost no code. What we are…

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