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Using Async and Promises in OpenWhisk

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Occasionally you may encounter a need to define an action in OpenWhisk where you have to perform a number of steps in a specific order and return the result asynchronously. This is rather simple to achieve in OpenWhisk by using async.series wrapped in a Promise. The following code example shows you how to do this. The…

How to Use Unicode in OpenWhisk and the Globalization Pipeline Service

Posted by in Globalization, OpenWhisk

In this post I am going to help you overcome some of the issues you might encounter when trying to output Unicode from OpenWhisk actions. In a previous post I showed how to call the Globalization Pipeline service from Node Red and in this post I will show you how to call the Globalization Pipeline…

Serverless API With OpenWhisk, IBM API Connect, and Cloudant

Posted by in API Connect, Cloudant, OpenWhisk

This post is going to be based upon a previous post and video that I made that shows you how to quickly build an API with IBM API Connect, Node Red, and Cloudant. In this post we are going to actually create the same API, but instead of using Node Red for our internal API…

How to Call OpenWhisk Actions from Node Red

Posted by in Bluemix, Node Red, OpenWhisk

This post is to help you get started with calling your OpenWhisk actions from Node Red on IBM Bluemix. I will explain how you can quickly invoke your action using OpenWhisk’s RESTful API from a Node Red flow using the HTTP Request Node. To get started you need to define your action using the wsk…

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