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Training Watson Speech to Text

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In this blog post, I am going to quickly explain how you can train Watson Speech to Text to handle misunderstood words. As we will see it is very easy to train Watson Speech to Text. The first thing that we will need to do is create a training file. The typical workflow that I…

Generating Captions with Watson Speech to Text

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Here is a video that I put together to show you how to use the Subtitler utility for generating caption files for videos using Watson Speech to Text

Creating and Translating Caption Files using Watson Speech to Text and Globalization Pipeline on IBM Bluemix

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In this post I am going to show how you can use a set of utilities that I have put together to automatically create a SubRip .srt file from a .mp4 video using Watson Speech to Text and then translate the SubRip file into other languages using the Globalization Pipeline service on Bluemix. Here is…

The Next Advertising Frontier

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My colleague Tracy De Cicco and I just published our thoughts on where digital advertising is headed on LinkedIn. In the article we give an historic overview of digital advertising and then introduce how new cognitive services can be used to dynamically tune ad copy for more effective uptake.

Creating Multilingual Bots with Watson Conversation

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One of the cool new features in Watson Conversation in IBM Bluemix is the ability to support a global audience by creating language specific versions of your bots. In this blog post I will give you some best-practices for creating bots in other languages. To create a bot in a language other than English simply select…

Collecting Input and Recording State in Watson Conversation

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With the recent arrival of Watson Conversation on IBM Bluemix, developers are wanting to generate very sophisticated conversational bots that need to collect input and record state. In this blog post I will show you how to accept input in a conversational dialog and record state changes in your conversation. After you have created your…

Adding a Custom Domain Dictionary to Watson Language Translation Service

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The use of machine translation has become nearly omnipresent across many applications to help users understand content in other languages. Even though machine translation does a great job at giving you a gist of the meaning there are occasions where specialized technical terms are inappropriately translated. To help you manage these situations you can apply…

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