Month: July 2016

IBM Globalization Pipeline SDKs

Posted by in Bluemix, Globalization

One of the biggest challenges with using cloud services is having to learn all the RESTful APIs that a service provides. Developers really want to be able to quickly integrate the use of a cloud service into their application without having to spend a lot of time studying a service’s Swagger docs. With the recent…

Quickly Translate Your Apps on IBM Bluemix with Globalization Pipeline

Posted by in Bluemix, Globalization

I am thrilled to inform you that IBM Globalization Pipeline for Bluemix is now generally available on IBM Bluemix. Using the IBM Globalization Pipeline service on Bluemix you can quickly translate your applications running on Bluemix into other languages while continuing to work within your DevOps/Continous Delivery infrastructure. The cool thing about using the Globalization…

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