IBM Globalization Pipeline SDKs

One of the biggest challenges with using cloud services is having to learn all the RESTful APIs that a service provides. Developers really want to be able to quickly integrate the use of a cloud service into their application without having to spend a lot of time studying a service’s Swagger docs. With the recent launch of the Globalization Pipeline service on IBM Bluemix the development team has made it very easy to get started with integrating the service into your application. The Globalization Pipeline service provides several open source SDKs in several programming languages such as: Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby as well as plugins for Apache Cordova.

In some cases all you need to do is drop the SDK into your build and you are on your way to using the service. For example, if your application is a WebSphere Liberty application using Java 8 running on IBM Bluemix all you need to do is drop the SDK’s jar file into the extensions directory. Once you have included the jar file, then your application will automatically connect to the Globalization Pipeline Service without you having to even make any changes to your application code.

When it comes to mobile applications the SDKs have you covered here as well. You can easily include the Apache Cordova plugin in your mobile hybrid application and simply specify the Globalization Pipeline’s service credentials and then you are able to start using the service without having to directly make all the RESTful API calls yourself.

I hope this post helps you quickly get started with using the SDKs for the Globalization Pipeline service on IBM Bluemix.

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