Globalization and The Bluemix Garage Method

This blog post is to let you know about some exciting news out on the IBM Bluemix Garage Method site. For those of you not familiar with the Bluemix Garage Method. The Bluemix Garage Method is all about digital transformation through rapid innovation and DevOps. The Bluemix Garage method gives you recommended methods, practices, tools, and insightful experiences to harness DevOps.

Now on to the breaking news!! Globalization is now part of the IBM Bluemix Garage Method. There are two new articles for you to take a look at that cover Integrated Globalization and the exciting Globalization Pipeline service on Bluemix. These articles explain how to incorporate globalization into your overall DevOps processes and show you how to break free from the old siloed model of translation where you have to sit around and wait for translation.  So go and check out the articles and start building global cloud applications.

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