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Adding a Custom Domain Dictionary to Watson Language Translation Service

Posted by in Bluemix, Language Translation, Watson

The use of machine translation has become nearly omnipresent across many applications to help users understand content in other languages. Even though machine translation does a great job at giving you a gist of the meaning there are occasions where specialized technical terms are inappropriately translated. To help you manage these situations you can apply…

How to Obtain the Accept-Language HTTP Header With IBM API Management

Posted by in Bluemix, IBM API Management

In this post I am going to explain how you obtain the client side HTTP Accept-Language setting for APIs built with IBM API Management on Bluemix and use the setting to determine the appropriate language to use in your API. I have created some sample code on IBM Jazz Hub that you can use as…

Building a Secure Service With IBM API Management on IBM Bluemix

Posted by in Bluemix, IBM API Management

Developing secure APIs with IBM API Management and IBM Bluemix is really simple and in this blog post I will provide an overview of the key steps you need to follow to get your secure APIs published in a custom catalog on Bluemix for other developers to use. Creating APIs with IBM API Management eliminates many of…

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