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Do You Know Who Made Your Clothes?

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Just recently my colleague Tracy De Cicco and I published our thoughts around how to gain greater visibility into retail supply chains to help eliminate child labor practices out on LinkedIn. Be sure to check it out

Translating Bluemix Applications in Atom

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As we all know time to market is everything when you are trying to get people excited about your next great application. To help you reach global markets faster you can now access the Globalization Pipeline service directly the Atom editor and get your application quickly translated into multiple languages without even leaving the editor….

Translating Bluemix Applications using Microsoft Visual Studio Code

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With all the excitement about the Globalization Pipeline service on IBM Bluemix we are thrilled to share with you a new extension we have created for Microsoft Visual Studio Code that lets you access the service directly from the Visual Studio Code editor. Checkout this short video on how to get started using the extension.

Creating Multilingual Bots with Watson Conversation

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One of the cool new features in Watson Conversation in IBM Bluemix is the ability to support a global audience by creating language specific versions of your bots. In this blog post I will give you some best-practices for creating bots in other languages. To create a bot in a language other than English simply select…

Collecting Input and Recording State in Watson Conversation

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With the recent arrival of Watson Conversation on IBM Bluemix, developers are wanting to generate very sophisticated conversational bots that need to collect input and record state. In this blog post I will show you how to accept input in a conversational dialog and record state changes in your conversation. After you have created your…

Using Capita TI SmartMATE with IBM Globalization Pipeline on Bluemix

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One of the great features of the IBM Globalization Pipeline service on Bluemix is the ability to select the machine translation engine you want to use to translate your applications. This gives you great flexibility to choose the engine that gives you the best results for the type of application you are translating. Currently, you…

IBM Globalization Pipeline SDKs

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One of the biggest challenges with using cloud services is having to learn all the RESTful APIs that a service provides. Developers really want to be able to quickly integrate the use of a cloud service into their application without having to spend a lot of time studying a service’s Swagger docs. With the recent…

Quickly Translate Your Apps on IBM Bluemix with Globalization Pipeline

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I am thrilled to inform you that IBM Globalization Pipeline for Bluemix is now generally available on IBM Bluemix. Using the IBM Globalization Pipeline service on Bluemix you can quickly translate your applications running on Bluemix into other languages while continuing to work within your DevOps/Continous Delivery infrastructure. The cool thing about using the Globalization…

Globalization and The Bluemix Garage Method

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This blog post is to let you know about some exciting news out on the IBM Bluemix Garage Method site. For those of you not familiar with the Bluemix Garage Method. The Bluemix Garage Method is all about digital transformation through rapid innovation and DevOps. The Bluemix Garage method gives you recommended methods, practices, tools, and…

Accessing Bluemix Services from AWS Lambda

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Many developers may be surprised to learn that services from IBM Bluemix can be called from environments other than IBM Bluemix. In this blog post I am going to show you how you can call the IBM Globalization Pipeline service on IBM Bluemix from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda. So let’s get started.   Create…

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